Florida Childcare Business

General Counsel Retainer Program

Running a small business is never easy. Running a Florida Licensed Childcare Center or Home Daycare is exceptionally difficult….

I know first-hand. From 2009-2016, I owned and was a hands-on Operator of a large private licensed childcare center in West Palm Beach. On a regular basis, I dealt with Licensing issues, ELC/SR/VPK contracts and agreements, employment issues, vendor contracts, parents who failed to pay for childcare services, and many other such similar situations.

Having the advantage of being a lawyer, I was able to navigate complicated and confusing agreements, contracts, laws and regulations from a trained and legally knowledgeable perspective. I also drafted and modified many childcare forms to minimize the chance of errors and the risk of licensing violations.

Now, you can take advantage of a special opportunity. I am seeking the childcare business community’s interest in a Florida Childcare Business General Counsel Retainer Program!

Pricing to be determined based upon number of centers/providers to sign-up, center’s licensed capacity and length of agreement.

(for centers with 100+ licensed capacity)

You will receive and be entitled to the following services INCLUDED FREE for every 6 months that you are a payed-in-full client in the Program:

    • Unlimited phone consultations during business hours for all new legal matters.
    • Attorney review of business documents, such as letters of intent and contracts (signed or unsigned) up to 10 pages each (20 per 6 months).
    • Calls made on behalf of your business (20 per 6 months).
    • Letters written on behalf of your business (20 per 6 months).
    • Initial parent payment collection letter (25 per 6 months).
    • Review, editing and modification of your standard childcare forms, such as Unusual Incident/Accident, Employee write-ups, Employment Application, Sick forms, Parent Handbook, Employee Handbook, etc.
    • PRIORITY ACCESS to review and consultation regarding DCF or Local Licensing Notice of Violations, ELC Notices of Non-Compliance or Termination, Corrective Action Plans.
    • Review and consultation of any subpoenas, Summonses, Complaints, or claims served upon you.
    • Consultation of employment issues.
    • Consultation on purchase or sale of business assets or real estate
    • Discount off normal hourly rate for non-included services.

Have a legal issues…..just pickup the phone and call me!

Receive a licensing violation….just compose an email to me!

Need your registration forms updated….just contact me!

Need initial parent non-payment letters sent from a lawyer….it’s included!

Even though you are a small business, you can afford to have an attorney on retainer!

I know the Florida childcare business intimately. I’ve dealt regularly with ELCs, DCF, Local Licensing, OEL, Strong Minds, Florida Childcare Food Program, teachers, staff, directors, etc.. I know the terminology. I know the issues.

Take advantage of this tremendous program now..

It’s always easier to prevent problems then try to resolve them after they’ve happened!

Receive all of these services at a reduced and affordable fee!

I am here to join your team and help you with all of your legal needs – so you can focus on growing your business and enrolling more children!

To Express Your Interest In This Program Designed Exclusively For Florida Childcare Program…

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