Childcare Industry Boutique Firm

My Boutique Law Office in Coral Springs, Florida, provides focused legal representation throughout the State of Florida in very limited and specific areas of the law. My services are highly individualized to address my clients’ situations throughout their journeys owning and operating Florida Licensed Preschools and Childcare Centers. 

My Florida Licensed Preschool & Childcare practice provides representation for the following issues:

  • Class 1 Violations
  • Class 2 & Class 3 Violations
  • Representation Before Local Licensing
  • Representation Before DCF
  • ELC Issues
  • School Readiness Issues
  • VPK Issues
  • ELC Due Process Hearings
  • Accreditation Issues
  • Staff Training
  • General Childcare Business Issues
  • Employee Issues
  • Parent Complaint/Issues
  • Any Other Issues Pertaining To Your Childcare Business

Because I was a hands-on owner/operator of a large private preschool in West Palm Beach from 2009-2016, I know first-hand the difficulty you experience on a daily basis trying to comply with the myriad of rules and regulations being thrust upon the childcare industry on a regular basis.

I also completely relate to the fear you experience whenever the telephone rings or an email is received from your Director – never knowing if it relates the a Class 1 violation which can, in an instant, easily shut-down your center or business.

While Class Violations can never be fully prevented, let me work with your staff to educate and train them on “best industry practices.” However, should that terrible day come when you receive a Class 1 violation, feel confident that you have me available to help you fight it as aggressively as possible.

As an attorney for over twenty years and well as being intimately knowledgable about the Florida childcare Industry – not only as an owner/operator, but as a former Board Member of FACCM, I am in a unique position to help and guide you and your business through any challenging and emotionally difficult times.

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I am The Wiz 4 Childcare Biz™