DCF/Local Licensing Class Violations

When a regular or annual inspection occurs, the hairs on the back of your neck automatically standup. Who knows what will happen or if the inspector will find a violation? Even more scary is when an inspector arrives at the facility unannounced, and informs you that a complaint was made against your center or daycare.

There are almost twenty pages of different standards contained in DCF’s CHILD CARE FACILITY STANDARDS CLASSIFICATION SUMMARY. Do you know them all? Does your staff know them all?

When a Class 1, 2 or 3 violation is made against your school, you have two choices: #1, accept the violation on your permanent record and pay whatever fine is levied, or #2, Fight the Violation!

If you choose #1, you are accepting a serious violation that will have present and future ramifications for your center.

If you choose #2, you have a chance to win the case against DCF or Local Licensing.

Would you rather concede the alleged violation or take a chance fighting it and trying to have it thrown-out?

When I owned and operated my center, I would choose option #2.

Your license and ELC contracts for School Readiness and VPK, along with your Accreditation and Gold Seal, are the lifeline to your continued successful operation of your business

A Class 1 violation can have catastrophic consequences, such as:

  • Termination of ELC School Readiness Contract and Funding;
  • Termination of ELC VPK Contract and Funding;
  • Loss of Accreditation;
  • Loss of Florida Gold Seal;
  • Prominent Publication of the Violation for Parents to See;
  • Loss of Income;
  • Loss of Reputation in the Community;
  • Large Fines; and
  • Being Put Out-of-Business.

I know that you worked very hard to obtain, grow and run your business. Many of you are small business owners with one school, and can’t afford to lose your entire investment as a result of a particular Class violation.

I am here to help!

I am here to fight on your behalf!

I am here to join your team and challenge the alleged violation!

I am The Wiz 4 Childcare Biz™