Florida Childcare Business

Prepaid Monthly Retainer Program

Running a small business is never easy. Running a Florida Licensed Childcare Center or Home Daycare is exceptionally difficult….

I know first-hand. From 2009-2016, I owned and was a hands-on Operator of a large private licensed childcare center in West Palm Beach. On a regular basis, I dealt with Licensing issues, ELC/SR/VPK contracts and agreements, employment issues, vendor contracts, parents who failed to pay for childcare services, and many other such similar situations.

Having the advantage of being a lawyer, I was able to navigate complicated and confusing agreements, contracts, laws and regulations from a trained and legally knowledgeable perspective. I also drafted and modified many childcare forms to minimize the chance of errors and the risk of licensing violations.

Now, you can take advantage of a special opportunity. I am seeking the childcare business community’s interest in a Florida Childcare Business General Counsel Retainer Program!

Pricing to be determined based upon number of centers/providers to sign-up, center’s licensed capacity and length of agreement.

Even though you are a small business, you can afford to have an attorney on retainer!

I know the Florida childcare business intimately. I’ve dealt regularly with ELCs, DCF, Local Licensing, OEL, Strong Minds, Florida Childcare Food Program, teachers, staff, directors, etc.. I know the terminology. I know the issues.

Take advantage of this tremendous program now..

It’s always easier to prevent problems then try to resolve them after they’ve happened!

Receive many common and important legal services at a reduced and affordable fee!

I am here to join your team and help you with all of your legal needs – so you can focus on growing your business and enrolling more children!

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