ELC SR & VPK Issues

The ELC’s OEL approved contracts are long, detailed and reviewed by lawyer who don’t work for you.

When an issue arises involving your School Readiness or VPK contract status or funding, don’t risk being your own lawyer or advocate!

If you receive an ELC notice of termination, or a Due Process hearing is scheduled – or worst case, if you don’t know what I mean about this topic – then you need a trained and experienced lawyer on your side.

Do you know that according to ELC SR & VPK contractual language, the ELC can terminate your agreements and pull funding for “cause” or for “no cause.” That means, for a reason or for no reason.

But you do have rights.

You do have legal procedures to challenge a termination, or conditional termination, or imposed corrective-action plan.

Your license and ELC contracts for School Readiness and VPK, along with your Accreditation and Gold Seal, are the lifeline to your continued successful operation of your business

A Class 1 violation can have catastrophic consequences, such as:

  • Termination of ELC School Readiness Contract and Funding;
  • Termination of ELC VPK Contract and Funding;
  • Loss of Accreditation;
  • Loss of Florida Gold Seal;
  • Prominent Publication of the Violation for Parents to See;
  • Loss of Income;
  • Loss of Reputation in the Community;
  • Large Fines; and
  • Being Put Out-of-Business.

If the ELC is notifying you of a possible contractual or funding termination issue, or imposing a corrective action plan, I highly recommend you engage an attorney to fight and advocate on your behalf.

I am here to help!

I am here to fight on your behalf!

I am here to join your team and keep your ELC funding intact!

I am The Wiz 4 Childcare Biz™