Best Practices Staff Training

Do you think the 45 DCF hour training course is sufficient?

Does your staff and Director understand the almost 20 pages of DCF’s CHILD CARE FACILITY STANDARDS CLASSIFICATION SUMMARY (or your Local Licensing Agency’s equivalent)?

While your director may be very qualified to run your licensed childcare’s day-to-day operations, is she/he a lawyer trained in this area of law, and a former owner-operator of a large private preschool in West Palm Beach?

Do you want to trust your hard-earned and valuable Childcare License to your hard-working staff without proper and adequate training?

If you answered “NO” to these questions, then you need to contact me at once.

I will provide quality and practical training for your staff on important aspects of the many childcare rules and regulations.

Tired and frustrated of hearing your staff say (or think): “I did’t know that was against the rules.”

Tired and frustrated of hearing your staff say (or think): “I don’t know exactly what ‘direct supervision’ means…I can’t be everywhere on the playground.”

Make sure your staff and director are well-prepared!

Don’t let a lack of quality training by a industry knowledgable and experienced lawyer & former owner-operator be a cause of your center receiving an avoidable Class 1, 2 or 3 violation.

You license and ELC contracts for School Readiness and VPK, along with your Accreditation and Gold Seal, are the lifeline to your continued successful operation of your business.

I’m available for a one-time, or on-going training program for your center. Training can be in-person or via Skype or Facetime.

Accident, mistakes and errors will always happen in childcare centers. But, you can try and minimize the chances of a tragic incident happening and your License being in grave jeopardy.

Proper training and awareness by Staff is so vital to the successful operation of a Florida Licensed Childcare/Preschool/Daycare.


Contact the The Wiz 4 Childcare Biz™, Attorney Eric B. Epstein, Esq., for more information and pricing.

I am here to help!

I am here to properly and authoritatively train your staff and director!

I am here to help your licensed center or preschool or daycare avoid Class 1, 2 or 3 violations!

I am The Wiz 4 Childcare Biz™